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13/11/2020: Check out the third song/chapter "Bad Blood Resurrected" from the upcoming album 'Trinity Of Evil' right here! The song features the amazing talents of Jürgen Wulfes, Kelly Thans, Sara Vanderheyden, Jennifer Thomé, YGC and Jeff Metal!

02/11/2020: We are overjoyed to announce Jürgen Wulfes as our guest musician for the upcoming album 'Trinity Of Evil'! Jurgen Wulfes will play the role of the dark wizard Lorius! Welcome to the Giotopia family, Jürgen!

18/10/2020: The first two chapters/songs 'A New Saga' and 'Spawn Of Abaddon' of the upcoming album 'Trinity Of Evil' are now on the YouTube channel! Check them out right here!

05/09/2020 It is with great pleasure that we can announce the partnership with Mike de Coene from Hard Life Promotion! Mister de Coene will take care of all promo and press related matters.

More info about Hard Life Promotion can be found right here!

22/08/2020 The new album will be called 'TRINITY OF EVIL' and will contain a new epic adventure in the world of Giotopia, with the return of an evil witch, a dark wizard and a forceful fire demon combined as trinity of evil!
Will Giotopia be ready for this hateful evil?! Will you be ready?!

31/05/2020: A new album is in the making! And that means a new saga in the enchanted world of Giotopia! The following guest musicians will return: YGC, Kelly Thans, Sara Vanderheyden, Ginny Claes, Ellen Peerters and Jennifer Thomé! We can also announce three new names!

Jeff Metal as "King Sanvin"

Freddy Richard as "Alistir, Captain of the Village"

Hannelore van Gorp as "Hanniah, the Captain's wife"

More announcements very soon!

11/04/2020: In these difficult times, we offer an exlusive deal! For a temporary time, you can purchase our two albums 'A Fantasy Tale On Music - Part I' and 'A Fatntasy Tale On Music - Part II' for the very special price of €10 (excl. shipping). Go get them right here!

27/06/2019: The official storybook of Giotopia, including the entire written story, character descriptions/drawings, song lyrics, behind the scenes recording pictures,...is now available! Also check out the summerdeals in the shop section right here!

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