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Latest News

September 24th, 2023

Horrorwish release single & lyric video "Pretty Boys" Die"!

Horror metal project HORRORWISH has released the single and lyric video "Pretty Boys Must Die". The song will be be the first single from the upcoming album 'Tales From Death', which will be released on Halloween, October 31.

The new album will feature songs based on true horror events. "Pretty Boys Must Die" is based on the legendary serial killer John Wayne Gacy, also known as the "Killer Clown".

Go check out the HORRORWISH page here!

Or watch the video below.

September 7th, 2023

Horrorwish will release new album "Tales From Death" on Halloween, October 31th!

The brand new HORRORWISH album"TALES FROM DEATH"will be released on Halloween, October 31st!!

The album will feature songs based onTRUE horror stories! Think Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Elisa Lam and the Cecil Hotel,... and many more disturbing tales based on true events!!

Comment by Gio himself:

"I am always very cautious and I think I have never said this before, but I believe this is the best work I've done to date! For this album, I worked closely together with my love, my muse, Linda Roosens. We wrote the lyrics together as Linda also really understood the whole Horrorwish vibe. I love to tell a story with my songs and that was totally achieved on this album. With the songs being based on true horror events, it makes it all the more exciting. The album cover is also amazing! The idea was: Death himself reading the true stories from the book of souls on the graves of the victims. That's really stirring if you think of it. I can't wait to share this new album with you all! It will be something very special, you can be sure of that!"

June 19th, 2023

Giotopia released a remixed/remastered version of "To War"

The power/fantasy metal project GIOTOPIA released a remixed & remastered version of the song "TO WAR", featuring Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear) and Marion-Lamita Peubey (LUX), together with a brand new lyric video. The song originally featured on the debut album 'A Fantasy Tale On Music - Part I' (2017).

May 13th, 2023

New single release by Wolfpact!

Belgian/German heavy rock duo WOLFPACT released a third single and lyric video called "I BLEED IN BLACK"! The result is a dark and mysterious song based on the artwork by Linda Roosens of "LindaRoosensArt" (www.lindaroosensart.be).

It's a slow song with deep yet bright acoustic and electric guitars, pounding drums/bass and sinister keyboards/ All of this fits perfectly with classic hard rock vocals in the likes of Dio and Coverdale!

Comments by the band:

"The song is really special for us, since it is based on the amazing artwork by Linda Roosens. Gio was immediately perplexed by the original artwork. He purchased the painting and decided to compose a song based on the dark and mesmerizing piece of art. We are very proud of the final result, as Jürgen also did something special with the vocals. The lyrics are about personal issues, dark thoughts, trying to understand certain things and suffering or "bleeding" all alone in a dark world."

February 25th, 2023

Wolfpact releases second single "When Angels Die" together with lyric video.

Belgian/German heavy rock duo WOLFPACT unveiled their second single "When Angels Die", a doomy, mysterious song with deel yet bright guitars, pounding drums/bass and sinister keyboards.

WOLFPACT comments:

"We think we really captured the doomy, mysterious vibe of this song. And Jürgen did an excellent job with the lyrics. It's like listening to a storytale of old. You get the sense that this tale really happened a long time ago. That is what Wolfpact is all about, capturing the mood and meaning. They are one, the music and lyrics. This was the first tune Gio composed for Wolfpact and listening back to it now in complete form, we are overjoyed with the result!"

February 17th, 2023

Horrorwish releases remastered version of "Deadly Sinners" in video form.

Horror metal project HORRORWISH just released a remix/remaster of the song "Deadly Sinners".

The song originally featured on the album "No Place To Hide" (2020).

Now, the song is remastered and released as a lyric video.

The artwork for the remastered song was done by the very talented Linda Roosens from "Linda Roosens Art".

Visit the "Linda Roosens Art" website on this link:


December 19th, 2022

Wolfpact releases first single & video clip "Iron Heart".

Heavy Rock duo from Belgium & Germany WOLFPACT has joined forces to unveil their first single ever “Iron Heart”, a powerful song with deep yet bright guitars, pounding drums/bass guitar and sinister keyboards. All of this fits perfectly with classic hard rock vocals in the likes of Dio and David Coverdale!


The Belgian/German duo Gio Smet and Jürgen Wulfes (THOMSEN, CHOLANE, ex-MOON’DOC) started talking about an new project mid-2021, after Jürgen made a great contribution on Gio Smet’s latest Giotopia album. For this new band/project, they agreed to compose heavy rock music with a modern touch, combined with classic hard rock type of vocals. The result is a deep, low end sound with bright and powerful vocals.


WOLFPACT comments:

“This song is all about dealing with negative situations or two-faced persons. When some people try to bring you down, you build op more self-esteem. Your skin gets tougher. In a way, that no one can have effect on your emotional state anymore. No one can break your heart or spirit when you rise up again and again after going down. It’s all about standing your ground and getting stronger in life. When you’ve seen it all or had all the bad luck you can bare, nothing more can bring you down. Then, the only way is up.”