Musicians in the world of Giotopia

Gio as 'Egon the Fearless' (Part I) & 'Lusar' (Part II)


Gio, born on January 3rd 1984 and creator of Giotopia, started playing the guitar at the age of 14. He picked up musical interests as his father suported bands such as Queen, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Rainbow,... In 2006, Gio formed the heavy metal band Gitaron and released three album so far. The passion of writing always inspired him and in 2015 he published his first novel, which was a psychological horror/thriller story. For Giotopia, Gio plays electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar and does vocals.

Herbie Langhans as 'Caius the Swift'

(Part II)


Herbie Langhans is a rock and metal vocalist, songwriter and producer

from Wolfenbüttel (Germany). His voice has gained him international

recognition both as a studio singer and as a member of the bands AVANTASIA, VOODOO CIRCLE, SINBREED, BEYOND THE BRIDGE and SEVENTH AVENUE. Herbie Langhans and Jennifer Haben (BEYOND THE BLACK) performed the official Wacken anthem during the ROCK MEETS CLASSIC show at the W:O:A.

In 2015, he joined Tobias Sammet’s AVANTASIA as lead- and back vocalist for their album “Ghostlights“. The song “DRACONIAN LOVE“, a

powerful duet between Sammet and Herbie.

Ralf Scheepers as 'Waldemar the Veteran'

(Part I)

Ralf Scheepers is the current vocalist for German power metal outfit Primal Fear. He has a relatively high-pitched tenor-esque singing voice, although it is his baritone lows which give him a near 4 octave range in the modal register. He has also sung in Gamma Ray, Tyran' Pace, and has been rumoured to have done live work on a session base for Helloween on their 1986 tour, which has been denied by Michael Weikath in several interviews. (Ralf Scheepers: And I confirm this! I‘ve been asked to sing for Helloween before Michael Kiske joined them but I have never been asked to sing live shows) Ralf Scheepers has also done guest vocals for the bands  F.B.I., Scanner, Therion, Ayreon, Tribuzy, Solna and Shadow Gallery and worked with Tom Galley on Phenomena's "Blind Faith" album.

Fabio Lione as 'Egar, the Lost Son'

(Part I)

Fabio Lione was born in Pisa. His career started in 1990 at the age of 17 when he began to sing with a small rock and roll underground group who played classics of 1950s and 1960s similar to Elvis Presley's songs. He had a passion for groups such as Queensrÿche, Fates Warning, and Crimson Glory, which inspired him to form his own heavy metal band.

In 1997, the most important and longest running moment began: becoming the lead vocalist of the heavy metal/power metal band Rhapsody. Rhapsody first began negotiations with Lione at Gate Pathway Studio in Wolfsburg, Germany after hearing him in the "Piece of Time" album from Labyrinth.

Sara Vanderheyden as 'Aurora Vixen'

(Part I & II)

Sara Vanderheyden, born in 1990,  accidentally started singing when her best friend signed them up for the school choir. Deciding the future would look brighter with a technical degree, she postponed all singing activities to when she got her engineering degree in 2013. She joined Cathubodua in the summer of that year and decided to take vocal classes next winter, focusing on the CVT method. In 2016, their first EP was released: "Opus I: Dawn", containing 4 epic symphonic metal tracks. Sara has also performed guest vocals in the progressive death metal band 'Ilusen's Fallacy".

Srdjan Brankovic as 'Sanvin the Foresighted'

(Part I & II)

Srdjan Brankovic was born on 10th of August, 1981, in Smederevo. Everything started in the middle of 90’s with metal band “Psychoparadox”. Srdjan was 13 years old when the first album was recorded. In 2000, Brankovic bros established cult progressive metal band among these areas, AlogiA. Since that time, AlogiA played dozen of Balkan tours and big Balkan festivals, and also opened for Whitesnake, Savatage, Paul Di Anno… AlogiA got many awards for their latest album “Elegia Balcanica”. Through the project “Expedition Delta” Srdjan also collaborated with many great names, such as Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallery), Erik Norlander, Santiago Dobles, Richard Anderson, Joost van den Broek, Alex Argento… Srdjan also took a part as a player on Shadow Gallery’s album “Digital Ghosts”. He is also working as a producer in the studio “Paradox” for many bands/performers. Beside “AlogiA” and “Expedition Delta”, Srdjan is also the composer/producer/player for many other projects : Despot, Numenor, Lunar Pocket and he also took a part of “Samurai of Prog” project,

Ginny Claes as 'Maid Ginny'

(Part I & II)

Ginny Claes was born November 25th, 1973.

Since she was 6 years old, her mom took her on stage to sing songs with her. Around the age of 19, Ginny started singing in cover bands. Until four years ago, when she heard TheGuardian was looking for a new vocalist. She took her chance to explore a whole new scene. Now, she plays gigs in the UK, France, Germany and so on...

With Giotopia, she is excited to explore more of her abilities and share them with you.

Eric Tillerot as 'Frederick the Witch Devour'

(Part I)

Born on October 17th 1963 in Dijon, Eric started to sing and play the guitar at the age of 15. He formed his first hard rock band Sanctuary in 1980. From 1982 until 1983 he formed the rock band Osiris. After his duty in the army, he lanced the progressive rock band Garden Wall in 1985. It was in 1987 that Magnesis was born. After some reconstructions, at this day the band still is Eric's passion. The musicians of Magnesis created a world of their own, with lots of colorful characters. That's why Magnesis is also called "Les Troubadours du Rock" in France.

Ellen Peeters as 'Princess Aria' (Part I) & 'Queen Aria' (Part II)

Ellen Peeters was born on March 30, 1995. According to her parents, she was already singing from the time she could say her first words. Since she was 5 years old, she started to exercise intensely. This was her retreat to forget. But because she was afraid what the others would think of her,she did this by herself. When she was 21, she started singing lessons. Now, almost one year later, she living up to her dream. She is really growing and learning more about herself in what she does.

Jennifer Thomé as 'Queen Vellda'

(Part I & II)

Jennifer Thomé was born on October 3rd, 1983 in Germany. Starting as a dancer, she entered her first stage at the age of 4. At the age of 6, she started to get keyboard lessons for several years. Till 23, she still was an active dancer in a dance group and participated regularly in contests. Her first real appearance as a singer (besides some little School projects) she had in 2007 at a karaoke-contest. In 2008, some friends and her founded the Symphonic Metal Band "Siren's Legacy". One year later she started to take classical singing-lessons, because it seemed useful to her to know exactly what you're doing with your voice and don't run to ruin it. Moreover she wanted to get the best possibly out of herself as a Mezzo-Soprano/Alto. In 2010, she joined her second Band "UNE" as their second vocalist. Till now, she played many concerts with her two bands as well as some classical concerts as a soloist, recorded the Album "The Kraken" with "Siren's Legacy" in 2013 and participated in several projects (Short movies, Games, ...) as a recording artist and voice-actor. Her largest project so far was the recording for a documentary with the 63 piece full Sofia Session Orchestra for Composer Michael Firmont.

YGC as 'Magus the Forest Walker'

(Part I & II)

YGC was born in France, somewhere in 1981. Around the age of 9, he begun to play french horn, which was the beginning of a long love story with heavy sound ! The real shock came with the Megadeth’s « Countdown to Exctinction » album. At that time, there were in fact some guitar riffs reverberating in the house, but it came from his brother’s bedroom… Like many little brothers, YGC copied the idea of his eldest.

He played in several heavy metal bands as a guitarist. The singing arrived later. After having experimented different electric styles, he brought together his brother and his two old friends to create THE LOSTS, a dark heavy metal band touring in France, Belgium and Holland since 2010. The two CD's relate the story of The Losts, some innocent beings becoming dark and unstable minds made of liar, anger and violence, as they move closer to mankind.

YGC is excited to join the GIOTOPIA experience!

Carmen Grandi as 'Dark Elf Falena'

(Part I & II)

Carmen Grandi was born on 25 August 1996. Her passion for music started when she was 13. She has always been around music, since her family is composed of musicians. When Carmen was 15, she has been part of a rock band, and at the age of 17 she became the singer of a symphonic metal band called Stormwinds, which is her current band. And if that's not enough, Carmen Grandi is also a part of the Epic/Electro/Modern metal band called EGO!

Zoya Belous as 'Hadrian, the Evil Witch'

(Part I)

Zoya is a singer from Moldova (Eastern Europe).

From her very early childhood, from the age of 5, she decided to become a singer, and so it happened. That's why she gained all the needed education for that, which is: musical school, with piano specialization, then musical College and music Academy, both in opera singing. Throughout all the time of studying she collaborated with many local bands and projects, but unfortunately none of them was successful. Therefore in 2010 with her previous band mate Dmitrii, they decided to found a new band Esperoza, which is still going.

At the moment, Zoya is working on several other projects as well, among which is Giotopia.

Marion-Lamita Peubey as 'Enchantress Lumita'

(Part I)

Marion-Lamita Peubey is a classical trained soprano, born in 1990, who always loved metal and rock music. She started to study music with the piano when she was 6 years old, and then entered the conservatory of Dijon, France. She has worked with several teachers and artists, such as Vincent A. Karche, Sylvaine Bertrand, Cecile de Boever, Roselyne Allouche, Agnès Mellon... and for her, that's important to work and improve her vocal technique, because we never stop to learn.

Besides some classical and opera concerts, she sings in Erzebeth (french metal band), and is currently recording the album "Blurred by the Crimson Curse" about the Blood Countess, Erzebeth Bathory...

She also created her own solo project (symphonic metal), simply called "Marion Lamita". In this project, she can express herself totally, as a composer, lyricist, soprano, and she is working on the EP "Lux in Tenebris", about the Rosicrucian philosophy and values.

As a dreamer and idealist, she was touched by Giotopia's concept & universe. She is really eager to sing and enter in the character of the enchantress Lumita.

Indeed, to sing, we have to open our heart, and it's always better to do it when there is a nice story to tell, and a character to play, like in opera!

Franck "Wolfy" Moondog as 'Stephan, Lover of Maidens'

(Part I & II)

Franck "Wolfy" Moondog started his musical journey back in 1982. His first gig in 1983, and three or four bands later, things went serious in 1996 when he met French guitar virtuoso Chris Savourey.

They recorded an album under the name SAVOUREY (Dreamland – Thunder Records-1998) and did many gigs to promote it. They ended up opening for ANGRA in Paris! The band called it a day in 1999.

In 2001, Chris and Franck started to work on a new symphonic/melodic metal band called NORTHWIND, and the duo inked a deal with "Z Records" (England) alongside BONFIRE, HUMANIMAL, SHY, and BRIGHTON ROCK, just to name a few. Then they toured again, playing with VANDEN PLAS, WITHIN TEMPTATION, SHY, BONFIRE,... But having no support from the label, they disbanded in 2003.

After NORTHWIND, Franck went on hiatus for some years as he was really disappointed by what happened with the band. He got back to music in 2007, playing in several cover bands.

In 2011, he met a drummer at his best friend wedding, and he ended up being the lead vocalist for THE BYMZ.

Beside THE BYMZ, Franck is involved in some other side projects, and he is one of the lead singers for the ambitious project ROCK SYMPHO.

Mark Van Luijk as 'King Cornelius'

(Part I)

Mark Van Luijk, born in Diepenbeek, Belgium, is best known as lead vocalist of Civilian. Civilian provides the musical link between seventies and now; between classic hardrock, alternative rock & metal; between extremely funny and deadly serious.

Mark is also a journalist for 'Het Belang van Limburg'.

His voice is very versatile, going from warm and low tones to a higher, crunchy pitch. He creates a unique style while doing so.

Apollo Papathanasio as 'Filvendor, the Elven Warrior Lord' (Part II)

Apostolos "Apollo" Papathanasio, born 15 March 1969 in Borås, Sweden, is a Swede of Greek descent heavy metal vocalist, who is currently with the bands Evil Masquerade and Spiritual Beggars. He has also sung for Meduza, Gardenian, and Richard Andersson's projects Majestic and Time Requiem.

In 2007, Papathanasio had to opt out of certain tour dates with Firewind. His position was temporarily filled by Henning Basse of Metalium. Apollo's latest release is "Few Against Many" (2012) with Firewind. On 15th January 2013, Firewind announced that the band had parted ways with Apollo. Apollo also works as a music teacher for a school in Halmstad.

Kelly Thans as 'Sorceress Vaïriga'

(Part II)

Kelly Thans, born on October 19th 1993, is a Dutch vocalist that is mostly active in the rock and metal scene. She started singing at the age of 14, mostly performing covers in acoustic settings. She was already active in the scene for a few years as a concert photographer, before she eventually started to participate into a variety of projects. From that moment on, she decided to widen her horizon by learning new technics near the modern singing  she had learned and practiced the last years, including a base of classical and screaming. The last few years, she leaned to sing both leads and backings for a handfull of EP’s and albums of different artists in both the Netherlands and Belgium. At this moment, she is the front of acoustic rock-coverband Jamnesia and is part of a project called Duty Calls. She also used to be the singer of atmospheric post-doom metalband Novaria.

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