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15/09/2018: It is with great pleasure we announce that Apollo Papathanasio (ex-Firewind) will join the Giotopia family for the upcoming album! Apollo will play the role of "Filvendor, the Elven Warrior Lord"!

27/03/2018: Check out the official trailer for the debut album 'A Fantasy  Tale on Music - Part I' right here!

19/02/2018: Check out the epic new song/chapter 'Battle for Giotopia' right here!

15/01/2018: Time for the next chapter of our epic story! Check out 'Hymn for the Fallen' here!

18/12/2017: Are you ready for Chapter Six: 'To War!', featuring the legendary Ralf Scheepers and Marion-Lamita Peubey! Click here to check it out!

21/11/2017: Time to meet Stephan, the Lover of Maidens, in our next song/chapter! Check it out right here!

16/10/2017: Another song/chapter is released! Check it here!

19/09/2017: Take a look at the third chapter 'The Icy Rivers' by clicking here!

17/08/2017: The second chapter 'Call of the King' is released. After the intro (Chapter One: 'The Declaration'), this is the first full song,  featuring 8 singers! Click here to check it out!

02/08/2017: The King is here! Mark Van Luijk, singer of Civilian, will join the world of Giotopia! Mark will be the voice of King Cornelius.

11/06/2017: It is with great pleasure we welcome Franck "Wolfy" Moondog, singer of The BYMZ, as our next confirmed guest musician! He will be the voice of 'Stephan, Lover of Maidens'.

07/06/2017: The amazing Marion-Lamita Peubey will join our enchanted world of Giotopia! She will be the voice of 'Enchantress Lumita', a disciple of Magus the Forest Walker, that is a rather mysterious character.

A fantasy tale on music

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