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09/04/2019: OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE for 'A FANTASY TALE ON MUSIC - PART II' is May 20th!! The long awaited all revealing chapter in the story of Giotopia is available for PRE ORDER here! Pre orders are the first to receive a special signed copy!

22/03/2019: Check out the official single AURORA'S RAGE here! Featuring Herbie Langhans and Sara Vanderheyden! Taken from the upcoming album A FANTASY TALE ON MUSIC - PART II

04/12/2018: It is with great pride and joy to announce HERBIE LANGHANS (Avantasia/Voodoo Circle/Radiant/Sinbreed/Beyond The Bridge) as our guest musician!!! Herbie will take the role of 'CAIUS THE SWIFT'!! Welcome to the world of Giotopia, Herbie!!


15/09/2018: It is with great pleasure we announce that Apollo Papathanasio (ex-Firewind) will join the Giotopia family for the upcoming album! Apollo will play the role of "Filvendor, the Elven Warrior Lord"!


27/03/2018: Check out the official trailer for the debut album 'A Fantasy  Tale on Music - Part I' right here!

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